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Sheriff Woody , also known as Woody Commissioner , is a fictional character in the series Toy Story : Toy Story ( 1995 ), Toy Story 2 ( 1999 ) and Toy Story 3 ( 2010 ), in addition to appearing in Buzz Light-year Star Command: The adventure begins . The character is played in the original version by Tom Hanks – sometimes replaced by his brother Jim Hanks – and local dubbing into Spanish by Oscar Barberan. Moreover, in Latin America dubbed him Charles II in all its appearances, including the first trailer for Toy Story 3 but from the following is voiced by Braulio Sosa

and then Arturo Mercado Jr.

In the film, when Walt Disney decided to change the voice by budget problems that had the original doublers Woody neutral Castilian. Woody is a doll inspired by a character from the Woody’s Roundup. Andy buys and soon became his favorite toy. But what Andy does not know is that both Woody and the rest of his toys have their own life when there is no one around. Everything was going fine until Andy receives a new birthday toy fashion: Buzz Light-year. From then on, Buzz does not know that, in fact, a toy-becomes the focus for both Andy and the rest of toys and Woody becomes jealous of him.

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