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Like many patients, you should ask yourself why the importance of a thorough dental examination when you visit your dentist.

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It should also be curious to know who seeks to examine dentist, what or why this procedure is a simple cleaning from time to time is not enough. Today I will inform you in our weekly column about the importance of dental examination for oral and general health. The dentist makes a complete oral examination to have a clear idea about the condition of your mouth.

The search for decay is only a small part of this examination. In addition, there are other things that are evaluated during the examination as the condition of the tissues supporting the teeth with the other soft tissues of the oral cavity, the screening of precancerous lesions or cancer, condition of existing restorations , crowns, bridges, dentures and bite relationship. We also evaluated the medical and dental history with x-rays, lab tests and other evidence that the dentist considers necessary for each particular case.

Oral health is integrally linked with their overall health. Routine exams are important because the mouth may reflect signs of certain diseases and medical conditions. I can cite some examples diabetes, poor nutrition and vitamins as well as hormonal changes. The extent of the examination depends on many factors. If you are a new patient may be examined very completely unlike, for example, a patient who has recently attended a dentist and visit soon for a particular problem.

If you are looking for Dental Coloring Pages then you come to the right place. All coloring book pages, including these Dental Coloring Pages are free, downloadable and printable. If you are looking for another characters coloring pages, you can use the search form or browse our archive.

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